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          National Survey Service, Inc is a professional land surveying firm located in Chicago, IL. We specialize in the establishment and determination of legal property lines and boundaries in conjuction with the purchase and/or development of land tracts for the purposes of present or future construction.

• ALTA/ACSM Land Title surveys for commercial properties
• Plat of Topographic surveys
• Plats of Subdivision
• Plat of Easement
• Plat of Vacation
• Plat of Annexation
• Plat of Survey for Building Permit
• Boundary Survey
• Pin-split surveys
• Legal description preparation
• FEMA Elevation Certificates and eLOMA
• Plat of Condominium surveys
• Construction staking
• Spot surveys for foundation
• As-built surveys
• Land surveyor expert witness
• Construction lay-out for proposed improvements for driveways, curbs and utilities

Professional Land Surveying Services in Chicago, IL         Since 1917

"We Survey the Earth, Be sure of your Ground"