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Vacations and Dedications


When the owner of a property adjoining a public way wishes to vacate a certain portion of a Public Right-of-Way may do so by filing an application for the Vacation process with the Department of Transportation of the State, County or municipality in which the property to be vacated is located. If an approval is granted, the approved applicant, purchases the public way vacation and the final approval for the vacation of the public way must be granted by ordinance passed the City/Village Council following the approval of their Transportation Committee. We prepare the Plat of Vacation for (Public Way, Highway, Road, Street, Alley, etc) in accordance with the local municipal requirements and county recorder rules.


According to the guidelines stated in the Plat Act, Chapter 765 ILCS Section 205/3, as amended (Effect of Dedication), this is a type of conveyance in fee simple specifically adopted for the creation of a Public Way, Highway, Road, Street, Alley, etc. The recording of a duly executed, accepted and recorded plat portraying the perimeter boundary and the legal description of the area being dedicated, grants the public, individuals, corporations, etc. the common use of the land conveyed for the purpose granted therein (Public Way, Highway, Road, Street, Alley, etc). Following the re-coding of the plat of dedication, State, County or municipality assumes rights of ownership and maintenance for the benefit of the public.

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