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Environmental Surveys


  • Trees and Wetlands Surveys:

The U. S. Department of the Interior - Fish and Wildlife Service, is the principal Federal agency that provides information to the public on the extent or status of the Nation’s Wetlands. We have been providing our surveying services for the location, size, elevation and identification of trees in properties that are to be developed and improved with new structure and helped the developer who has a need to identify the trees to be saved and the low lying marsh areas that will become protected areas for wildlife refuge. Some of these properties that are identified as Wetlands which adjoin or that lie partially on private properties must be field identified and plotted. Proper identification of these areas is crucial to the project outcome and not all low lying areas are considered wetlands.

Wetlands provide a multitude of ecological, economic and social benefits. They provide habitat for fish, wildlife and a variety of plants. Wetlands are nurseries for many saltwater and freshwater fishes and shellfish of commercial and recreational importance. Wetlands are also important landscape features because they hold and slowly release flood water and snow melt, recharge groundwater, act as filters to cleanse water of impurities, recycle nutrients, and provide recreation and wildlife viewing opportunities for millions of people”.

Our services include:

  • Establish and field stake the perimeter of the wetlands

  • Identify specie of flagged trees, locate measure and tag trees for inventory.

  • Prepare a topographical plat showing the accurate location and elevation of wetlands areas and their relationship to the remainder of the property to be developed.

The U. S. Department of the Interior - Fish and Wildlife Service has topical maps created from geospatial mapping available that show wetlands and deep water habitats. To learn more about if your property is part of the National Wetland Inventory, visit the website listed below:

National Wetlands Inventory

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