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3D Laser Scanning Services


LIDAR: 3D scans using virtual walkthroughs

* uses lasers to create points between the laser and an object, structure, or landscape

* captures point cloud models

Offering a variety of laser scanning services:

Trimble TX5: 3D Laser Scanner 


800 North Clark Street


Interior and exterior scanning of

the entire building 

Trimble TX8: 3D Laser Scanner 


Chicago Auto Show


Display layout for Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, RAM,

Maserati, FIAT, and Alfa Romeo 




Trimble GeoSLAM: 3D Mobile Mapping Technology



Ashland and Monroe- Rehabilitation Project


Combination of GeoSlam and Trimble TX8

Project nearing completion 

 Leica BLK: Laser Scanner using thermal camera technology



 111 South Peoria Street

 Illume Condominiums


Combination of Leica BLK and Trimble TX8 

Completed and Delivered: 4 weeks

From our scanners, we gather images and use Trimble Realworks Software to process and manage data sets, cross-sections, and point clouds.

LOD (CAD Levels of Detail) - 

* Level 1: Presents overall shapes, used for general studies of larger projects

* Level 2: Most popular, detailed and cost-effective

* Level 3: Lots of details on a model, for sensitive designing works and models used for visualizations

About Trimble Realworks

- Imports data from imaging sensors, transformed to 3D deliverables

- Tools within the program, manage, process, and analyze data files of millions of points

- Includes multiple visualization modes for enhanced 3D scenes 

- Deliverables available on paper or CAD package  in a matter of minutes

What's included as a part of our scanning services? 

*3D laser scanning

* point cloud registration

* migrating point cloud in Autodesk Recap software 

* 2D/3D modeling and flyby using Autodesk Civil 3D and/or Revit 

* Create publisher for 3D walkthrough 

* Quality check/ quality assurance 

Extracted Deliverables: 


  • Line work extracted from 3D point clouds to a standard CAD DXF or DWG file format

  • Topographical plans with elevations

  • Roof plans

  • Building and structure elevation views 

  • Cross Sections



  • 3D wire frame line models (DXF / DWG)

  • Animated visualizations and flyby (AVI, MP4)

  • Coming soon:

-Scan to BIM in Revit 

-Coming soon: Rendered 3D models (AutoCAD, 3DStudio or Sketchup models) 

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