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Settlement Monitoring

Settlement Surveys/Damage Control:

Most Damage Control Surveys originate from Cities and Villages requirements for new construction projects. The objective of this program, which in the City of Chicago is maintained by the Department of Transportation - Office of Underground Coordination, is to safeguard the integrity of underground and surface utility structures as well as existing building and structures immediately adjoining the future construction project site. In order to comply with the program requirements which is necessary to obtain a Deep Foundation Permit from the City Department of Transportation, we field establish and monitor the minimum required settlement and lateral control points that help in the determination of any significant horizontal and vertical movement of these structures. Early detection will prevent further damage to both the above ground structures and the utility infrastructure.

Our many years of experience in the implementation of this program makes us a leading source for obtaining reliable data for submission during the duration of the project.

Our services include the following:

  • Establish Base Lines for Horizontal/Lateral Control Monitoring

  • Establish semi-permanent marks/targets corresponding to the critical points to be monitored for both Horizontal and Vertical control.

  • Establish Off-Site Benchmarks for constant Vertical Control check

  • Prepare plat(s) showing the location of the required points (in relation to the established Base Lines) identified by tags and key-codes and table containing the  initial horizontal and vertical readings

  • Provide Weekly/Monthly readings reports as mandated by the department to the owner or contractor and the City of Chicago to satisfy their damage control requirements

Similarly, aside from City requirements, we also monitor stressed concrete and steel structures, Floor and Roof Trusses leveling for heavy industrial applications with high tolerance requirements. We also monitor buildings and structures on private properties that may be affected by adjoining new construction and or excavation.

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